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Sierra Campbell

Member of  Tucson Association of Realtors

C.      520.686.4012
O.      520.402.2172

    Sierra is a proud third generation native of Cochise County. She graduated from Saint David High School in 2013 and will always have a soft spot for her hometown. Family has always been extremely important to her, as she comes from a very large blended family. You will often see her out surrounded by family attending birthdays, sporting events or celebrating milestones!

    Sierra married her high school sweetheart, Chris Campbell in 2016. Together they operate the local construction company Dragoon Ridge Contracting. They live a pretty busy lifestyle but enjoy the simple things: spending nights cuddling with their dog while watching Adam Sandler movies, dirt bike riding, hiking, fishing or being holed up in a remote camp spot drinking around the fire, laughing and enjoying every aspect of God's green earth! 

   Sierra has always had a passion for real estate. She not only fell in love with home ownership, renovation and design at a young age but has also helped many clients over the past 10 years find and create their own dream homes. Sierra is proud to call real estate not only her career but also her passion! She is a go-getter who understands the importance of organization, attention to detail and communication. When she sets her mind on something, she goes all in. She brings that same mindset into all of her deals and is excited to show up and excel for every opportunity and client that comes her way!

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